Uncle Sam Threatens Venezuela


Iraq and Afghanistan illustrate the group of countries which make up the new geopolitical organization the United States is creating at the expense of thousands of innocent lives and at the sacrifice of former allies. Once it has seized control, a manufactured government is set up to plunder the wealth from those countries to the detriment of their peoples.


Geopolitics is defined as the existing relations between power and its distribution in different areas of influence. These were previously established on the basis of colonial power domination, wars and by force. However, some strategic regions often become important for economic reasons and it is important to seize control of their wealth.


A great interest in Geopolitics arose in Germany by the early 20th century and was widespread during Nazism. German General Karl Haushofer updated political geography, serving as a means to justify the territorial expansion of Germany during the Third Reich and developing Ratzel’s theories about living space.


Now, the United States intends to put these arguments into practice in Latin America, especially in Venezuela, holder of the biggest oil deposits in the world, in the Orinoco basin, and of large reserves of minerals, water and wood. Besides, Venezuela is now at the centre of an effort to achieve regional integration with neighbouring countries, whose main purpose is to improve their people’s living conditions.


It is the concretion of a project of collaboration and political, social and economic completion among the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, promoted originally by Cuba and Venezuela to oppose the Free Trade Zone of the Americas (ALCA) promoted by the United States. Later, the Bolivarian Alternative for the Peoples of our Americas (ALBA) was created; then, the Community of Caribbean and Latin American States (CELAC) came to give the final blow to the Yankee aspirations.


After President Hugo Chávez Frías’ decease, Nicolas Maduro, representing the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, won the elections of last April 14. However, the Right wing, which represents the United States interests in Venezuela, has not admitted the defeat and has carried out actions of sabotage, with a high cost in human lives and damages to the economy, as part of a program that is becoming a matter of concern.


The Bolivarian Government has responded strongly to this destabilizing movement, and rejected the statements by the Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), José Miguel Insulza, in partnership with the US State Department and the White House, about the regrettable commotion which occurred last Tuesday in the National Assembly.

The Bolivarian Government issued a note describing as “immoral and cynical” the OAS and the US administration intentions of “promoting a climate of political crisis in Venezuela that could facilitate an intervention.”


Previously, the Spanish Government, an old US ally, made statements to justify future actions. Let’s see:


Caracas, May 1- Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro rejected the interference of Spanish Foreign Minister José Manuel García-Margallo who expressed his wish to interfere in Venezuela’s inner affairs.


“Spain’s García-Margallo has said that he is ready to intercede in Venezuela. Well sir, do not come to Venezuela, go to the streets of your country to respond to the working class, from which you have taken the right to work, the salary, the pensions”, said Maduro.


“Maduro told Spain to mind their own business, as a result of Garcia-Margallo’s proposal of interceding between the government and the Right wing.”


Cubans are following closely the escalation of violence, with the involvement of the oligarchy, against the Venezuelan people to seize its substantial wealth. The Cuban people are used to fighting against the blockade imposed by the US for more than half a century; they confronted the mercenaries who invaded Cuba through the Bay of Pigs and defeated them in 72 hours to trade them later for medicines and food, just like the merchandise they were. Cuba is used to thwart this and many other aggressions that have left a trace of blood and pain on the Cuban people. So, as Cuban president Raúl said, “we are willing to join our fate to the brave people of Venezuela.”


Translated by ESTI

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