Esteban Insausti started shooting of his second film

The film, which also explores themes like envy in the world of art and the non-recognition of the merits of others, will in the leading roles starring Alvaro Rodriguez Sosa, Raul Capote and Yasel Raul Rivero.

They will form part of the cast also renowned figures like Hector Noas, Mario Balmaseda, Luis Alberto Garcia, Mario Guerra, Patricio Wood, and other younger as Yailene Sierra, Alicia Hechevarría, Lorelis Amores, Waldo Franco, Yasmani Guerrero and Gretel Cazón figures.

Esteban Insausti is a film director, screenwriter and Cuban photographer, considered one of the most important filmmakers of the new generation of filmmakers of ICAIC.

He graduated from the Faculty of Audiovisual Media Art Institute and achieved great success with his first short fiction More of the same.

Other works are La Manos and  El  Angel, Tres veces dos and Existen and there have been awarded and exhibited at the most important festivals in the United States, Canada, Spain, Mexico, the Netherlands, Italy and Germany.

Larga distancia (2010), his first fiction film that was released in the New York Lincoln Center, Insausti won great critical acclaim and participated in the 32nd International Festival of New Latin American Cinema.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez 

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