Russia to host World Festival of Youth and Students in 2017

Cuban delegates participating in the meeting explained to Juventud Rebelde newspaper, that 70 delegates representing 42 youth organizations from 30 countries supported the initiative to turn Russia in 2017 into the heart of the youth movement, in recognition of that nation’s advances and global influence in the political, economic and social fields.

They said that various political parties represented in the Russian parliament also supported the proposal, and that among the advantages of having Russia host the Festival is that nation’s infrastructure and extensive experience organizing events of this magnitude in support and solidarity for positions of no war.

Russia hosted the 6th Festival in 1957 and the 12th in 1985, when these youth gatherings marked their 40th anniversary. 2017 will mark the seven decades of these events.

Participants noted that the decision confirms that after 70 years of its initial gathering in Prague the movement of youth festivals continues to strengthen, keeping alive anti-imperialist and solidarity sentiments among young people and students.

The final declaration of the WFDY General Council meeting in Moscow also carried a strong condemnation of the US blockade against Cuba and demanded that the illegally occupied US Naval Base at Guantanamo be returned to Cuban control.


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