Expanding economic cooperation is a priority between Russia and Cuba

Cuban Prime Minister Manuel Marrero focused his Tuesday work agenda in Moscow on dialoguing  with high-level Russian government authorities to promote and finalize bilateral cooperation agreements.

Marrero thanked his peer for the excellent reception during the tour that began on June 6, while acknowledging the good results of the meetings of the representatives of the Eurasian Economic Union. Likewise, he invited the Russian prime minister to visit Havana so that he can feel first-hand the reality of the people of the largest of the Antilles, and can evaluate the progress of joint projects.

The Cuban leader remarked that the tour of Russia, more than having a protocol character, seeks to specify and move to a higher level the implementation of projects in different aspects of marked importance for Havana.

The meetings at the highest level of the Cuban head of government in the Russian capital are concluding this Wednesday, June 14, to move then to the city of Saint Petersburg to participate in the international economic forum that concludes on June 17.

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