Jamaica Reggae manages application to UNESCO heritage

The team and the Government met recently to clarify the details of the process and ensure that it is successful.

“We have to protect the distinctive history of reggae as an intangible heritage and we must, before someone else present elements of this proposal as their own,” said Lindsay.

Last October, the Minister of Culture, Lisa Hanna, said the embassy of Argentina in Kingston provide technical assistance to his office to make the folder with all the information required in the request.

At that point he specified that although the genre is widely known, the country must demonstrate its influence on the idiosyncrasies and identity of the Jamaican people and bring actions to protect it.

According to Hanna, they will consult a number of experts in the field and deploy a campaign to support the initiative within and outside the island.

If UNESCO approves the reggae, Jamaica would have its second contribution to the world heritage list since last July managed to register the Blue Mountains National Park and John Crow in relation treasures mixed type, namely cultural and natural.

This genre emerged in the 60s of last century and its origins the rhythm and blues, jazz, soul, ska, mento and calypso.

It is associated with Rastafarianism as it reflects the lifestyle, the ideals of freedom and social struggle of the followers of this philosophical and religious doctrine.

The idea of including the reggae on the list of Unesco as part of the efforts of the Jamaican Government and various organizations to rescue and defend the authenticity of that melody.

(With information from Prensa Latina).


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