Third Romanian Cinema Season To Be Held in Cub

CCZrmCZzan, currently on a visit to Cuba, heads the Union of Film Authors and Makers of Romania (UARF).

Romanian Ambassador Dumitru Preda highlighted the possibilities and spirituality of cinema as common bridge to build a better future, and he announced the signinig of an agreement for cultural exchange between UARF and the Cuban Institute of Arts and the Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Arts and Industry (Icaic).

In remarks to Prensa Latina, Ioan CCZrmCZzan considered very important to resume such exchanges.

“Of course we are considering bringing the best Romanian cinema for the Cuban public and also to bring Cuban films to Romania, and, as I am a university teacher, I also want to take some Cuban students to do studies in Romania,” he said.

There would be also a possibility to make movies through Cuban-Romanian collaboration because, among other things, the Cuban capital is spectacular and at any time it could become the ideal location to film, he said.

UARF also agreed with Icaic to get the exhibition rights in Cuba of exceptional films in order to create a package for their free distribution.

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