People of Cuba and Venezuela pay homage to Hugo Chavez

Before the Simon Bolivar Monument on the Avenue of the Presidents in Havana, a number of renowned figures, representatives of social and grass roots organization and friendship with Cuba associations remembered the ideas of the Venezuelan leader in favor of integration and changes in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The ceremony with the presence of Alicia Corredera, Vice President of the Cuban Institute of Friendship Among the Peoples, ICAP, the General Director of the Foreign Ministry’s Latin American and Caribbean Division, Manuel Aguilera and Venezuela’s ambassador in Havana, Ali Rodriguez began with the people singing “El Regreso del Amigo (The Return of the Friend) dedicated to Chavez by the island’s singer songwriter Raul Torres.

Rodriguez Araque spoke about Chavez who shared bad and glorious moments and followed the ideals and practice of El Libertador after spending long periods of time studying and carrying out Bolivar’s thoughts aimed at working for the unity of Our America.

The Venezuelan leader’s project went beyond the borders, said the ambassador of the South American nation and ended by shouting Viva Chavez porSiempre, (Long Live Chavez Forever).

Also recalling the rebelliousness and human character of Chavez were Julio MarcelinoChirino, General Consul of the Venezuelan embassy in Cuba; Coronel Ramon Barza, attache of the Bolivarian National Guard in Havana and Graciela Ramirez, Coordinator of the International Peace, Justice and Democracy Committee.

Venezuela will continue to be a nation of glory, said the participants, ratifying a firm solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution, with the government of Nicolas Maduro and absolute loyalty to the memory of Hugo Chavez Frias.

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