The World Turns its Eyes to Family Farming

Today (October 16th), when the World Food Day is observed, policymakers in many regions and countries should consider dedicating some time and efforts to this proposal so that people can develop this form of agriculture, since many of them do not have the resources to afford the food they need.

The United Nations has a major challenge ahead which is the Zero Hunger Program and in order to achieve it, this intergovernmental organization is using all its agencies.

In Cuba family farming has become a very popular and common practice, as an alternative to produce staple foods and as a way of self-employment since the surpluses of their crops are sold.

Food security has been at the forefront of the updating process of the Cuban economic model. And even when there are economic constraints, mostly caused by the US blockade, Cubans have been guaranteed a basic nutrition which tends to becoming richer due to our own efforts and the political will of the Cuban State which is engaged in increasing crops and yields.

The island country is now striving for reducing imports and giving a boost to animal husbandry, goals that we can achieve because here we have land, workforce and a terrific weather which let us grow any crop all year round and attain concrete results.


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