Cuban Communist Party: the Soul of the Revolution

His name is on their lips because she distinguishes the women´s representation, which also includes Yanely Alexander Garbey, Alis Azahares Torreblanca, Mariluz Leyva, Dany Parada and Dignora Plutin, the latter with a significant record in the coffee harvest.

They all represent the people, who makes the event as their own with the confidence that all debates will transmit the expectations of the majority, in order to improve services, production, and also to contribute to the development, so that Cuba move on. That is what the national meeting is for: to correct mistakes, methods and work styles.

Monitoring the problems affecting the people is a necessity, a duty, a commandment. For instance, it is known that clients deception still abounds, so that updating the economic model in the country and checking the implementation of the 313 Guidelines for the economic and social policy of Party and the Revolution involves all that and more.

The economic commission will probably discuss on the importance for enterprises to cover expenses with their income and make profits, which means profitability. It is significant the analysis of the need to lower the cost per weight, produce more and better as well as the rescue of important items such as cocoa, coconut, coffee and salt.

The audience will listen very carefully to the arguments of Osmel de la Cruz Cala, one of our delegates and Director of the Alto Serra Coffee Processing Enterprise, for the relevant achievements of the entity, Cuban leading exporter of that product.

Undoubtedly, the 38 Guantanamo to the Seventh Congress will discuss results and the possible solution to problems.

Once more it will be demonstrated that the firmness of Cubans needs no tests. This people have passed all of them and know by other´s unfortunate experiences the price of forgetting history. The Party is the soul of the Revolution, the people’s trust. Its 7th Congress is a turning point in the nation.

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