“El Charangon de Revé”, six decades of fine Cuban music

Of course, rather than actual calculation, it’s aline from the old Gardel and Le Pera’s tango “Volver.”There we find a phrase that went down in the history of the Americas and is used in common jargon: “twenty years is nothing.”

Nevertheless, the history written during six decades by a musical band is by no means trifling. On the contrary, it’s quite a cultural event and as such, entitled to celebration.

“El Charangon de Revé” is now engaged in such endeavors. Thefamed orchestra was founded in 1956 by Elio Reve-Matos, a brilliant musician from Guantanamo, who conducted the orchestra until his death in 1997

After the founder’s demise, his sonElito Reve-Duvergel took over musical conduction.The latter told Mirador de la Habana: “It’s not easy to staytrendy for 60 years “,then added,“Very few bands manage to exist such a long time and remain in the youth’s preference.”

In his appearance in Radio Cadena Habana news magazine, Elito mentioned some of the reasons that have ensured the dancers’ preference for the band:

“We stay true to the tradition built by my father, but at the same time, we give the orchestra a hallmark in tune with the times, very close to Timba.”

Other initiatives seek to keep the project steadily fashionable, such as featuring artistic units highly popular with the youth, such as the premiere of “Yuya”, with “Yomil & El Dany.”

He said the experience is repeated in theirlatest album (La Salsa tiene mi Son) and mentioned collaborations with Puerto Ricans Gilberto Santa Rosa and Jose Alberto “El Canario”, and Cubans Israel Rojas, Haila Maria Mompie, Paulo FG and “Gente de Zona.”

“This phonogram will be followed by another, titled “Suave, que no hay mas ná”, where new members of the orchestra will be introduced; like a new bassist, pianist and vocalist. One of the tracks will be in collaboration with the most popular urban group of Island, “Yomil &El Dany”, saidthe current leader of “El Charangon de Revé.”


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