The 7th ACS Summit begins in Cuba, Regional Unity as a Goal

Established in 1994, the ACS has as its main objective to promote consultation, cooperation and concerted action among all the countries of the Caribbean.

To that end, this appointment of the high-level block is expected to be an important political contribution to the unity, the defense of the sovereignty of nations, the cooperation and peace in the region, as expressed yesterday by the Deputy General Director for Latin America and the Caribbean of the Cuban Foreign Ministry, Carlos Rafael Zamora.

At a press conference in the room set for the media in the Habana Libre hotel, he said that in essence this summit will promote the necessary dialogue on the topics of greatest interest to the area.

In addition, it was declared that during the event the admission of San Martin as an associate member will be adopted, while the requests by Kazakhstan, Bolivia and Uruguay to be incorporated as new observers will be analyzed.

Regarding the advantages of the Summit, the Ambassador of the Dominican Republic in Cuba, Joaquín Gerónimo, said it is a special opportunity for the promotion of cultural, commercial and business relations among the countries in the area.

In statements to Prensa Latina, the diplomat stressed that among the important issues to be addressed from the economic point of view is the need to coordinate efforts for the projection of a sustainable tourism.

A tourism involving the development of multi-destination offers, favoring the use of the whole scene of the entire Caribbean, he said, thus contributing to the development of the region.

For the opening day this Thursday, the agenda of the 7th Summit of the AEC envisages the start in the morning of the Senior Officials Meeting which is preparatory for the one of the Council of Ministers of the body.

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