Cuban Foreign Minister calls statements by U.S. Secretary of State slanderous

In another tweet he said: The Secretary of State of #USA forgets that his country has never held a referendum but intervenes in all of the planet. Also in the elections of others. President Donald Trump could put to a referendum the travel ban on #Cuba that he imposes on his citizens.
Through a communiqué, Pompeo, one of the architects of the Trump administration’s program for reversing relations between Washington and Havana, disqualified the referendum on Cuba’s Constitution.
In the communiqué, the Secretary of State stated that the United States will maintain its support for the counterrevolution, called on the international community to join him and repeated President Donald Trump’s message to eliminate socialism in the hemisphere.
With over 6.8 million votes in favor of YES, Cubans ratified the new Constitution of the Republic of Cuba, this Sunday, a day that passed in a very satisfactory and favorable manner, with a high turnout at the citizen’s schools and the electoral authorities fulfilled the role that corresponded to them.
The Magna Carta that was submitted for consultation this Sunday was approved by the National Assembly of People’s Power on December 22 after 60 percent of its content was modified based on the proposals emanating from the popular consultation process that took place from August 13 to November 15, 2018.

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