Youths from Playita to Dos Rios alongside Marti and Fidel


On the dawn of National Rebelliousness Day 30 students, workers and combatants from all over the country will meet at Playita de Cajobabo in the municipality of Imias to participate in honor to that historic date in what they are calling a wreath of love, he said.

Each step of history will be reenacted, each event since the landing of Jose Marti and Maximo Gomez in the Eastern region on April 11th, 1895 until the tragic incident 38 days later on May 19th, 1895 in the province of Granma, said the Marti specialist to CNA.

He referred to the action as a homage to Cuba’s glorious history and its protagonists and contribution to the preservation of its memory and added that for these 30 young people it will also be an excellent way to spend part of their summer vacation outdoors and learn about the area and its incredible people.

This and other projects similar to the one organized by the MJM has a distinction stamp which is the relationship it has to life and the population of the region including speaking to different generations, productive work, community exchanges and other ways to connect and promote interaction.

There are, for example, literature, not only about Marti’s Dairy but also his speeches like “Los PinosNuevos” (New Pines) and “Con todos y para el bien de todos” (For all and for the Good of all) and “Our America, including speeches and articles by Fidel in which he talks about the Cuban National Hero and the validity of his ideas, explained Palacios.

The visitors will also take audiovisual materials and three applications for Android mobile pieces with Marti books and his complete works and a selection of aphorism of Jose Marti, said the President of the Movement.

He mentioned a fourth of the technological novelties still in preparation and will be presented on July 19th by the Marti Research Center on the occasion of its 39 th anniversary with speeches, reflections and other texts and thinking of Fidel Castro on different issues including on Cuban youth.

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