Cuba: 26 people rescued in boat abandoned by smugglers

In the early hours of Sunday, October 30, a surface unit of Border Guard Troops assisted a group of 26 people aboard a speedboat with U.S. registration, which violated Cuba’s territorial waters, and was found disabled and adrift in Nazabal Bay, in Encrucijada, in the central province of Villa Clara. The Ministry of the Interior reports that among those rescued were four minors, including a girl with acute symptoms of dehydration. Immediate assistance was provided to these people who were then transferred to land, the minor was sent to a public health unit.

According to the initial statements of those involved in the incident, the traffickers abandoned them to their fate on the boat.

The competent Cuban authorities are carrying out the pertinent investigation for the total clarification of the events.

Once again, the impunity with which human trafficking operations are organized and coordinated in the United States, which encourages criminal individuals to carry out these actions that endanger the lives of human beings, including minors, is evident.

The responsibility of the United States Government is reiterated for its hostile policy towards Cuba, which tolerates and encourages illegal departures, failing to comply with its commitment to contribute to guarantee safe, orderly, and regular migration.

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