Second Secretary of Cuban Communist Party delivers July 26 speech

The Communist leader said mistakes were made during the construction of the Cuban revolutionary project but added that a people that can make good its own mistakes, that don’t claudicate in the face of problems, is an invincible one.
He said that the current updating process of the Cuban economic and social model follow the concept of Revolution Fidel defined on May 1, 2000.
He went on to speak on how the province of Santi Spiritus is doing in terms of economic and social development, and though they show improvement there are many things to be done yet, he added.
He highlighted the fact this is the only Cuban province to meet the sugar production plan for nine consecutive years.
Machado Ventura forwarded a message of congratulations from the leadership of the Communist party and government. Specially to the first secretary of the PCC in this province, Jose Ramon Monteagudo, of whom he praised his work.

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