Advancing the anti-imperialist struggle

Workshops on the history and evolution of the student movement in Latin America and the Caribbean and future challenges; the current regional situation; and the need to continue advancing the anti-imperialist struggle, feature among activities set to take place.

Villuendas also noted that one of the organization’s core themes, “The struggle to achieve free, quality public education and ensure that it is not used as a commodity, as a business,” will be discussed during the encounter.

Activities will be taking place in different venues across the city, including the Casa del Alba, University of Havana (where Oclae was founded), and Plaza de la Revolu­ción, where participants will meet and speak with personalities and intellectuals, and pay tribute to regional heroes including the late José Rafael Varona “Fefel”, an important figure in the organization.

Delegates will also present Fidel with a commemorative medal in honor of Oclae’s 50th anniversary, and a gift for his 90th birthday on behalf of the Latin American and Caribbean student movement. “The greatest gift we can give him is to continue struggling for the principles he has promoted in the region, and we young generations of Latin Americans and Caribbeans have the mission of continuing to promote and advance,” stated Villuendas Ortega.

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