Youth visit Birán, following Fidel’s footsteps

At the brewery inaugurated by Fidel December 23, 1985, the contingent observed the production line and talked with workers, including some who participated in the opening 30 years ago and are still working.

They were especially interested in the experiences of Diógenes Martínez Lluch, a master brewer who for three decades has been responsible for preparing yeast, one of the most important steps in the process which ensures the beer’s quality.

“The Comandante,” Diógenes recalled, “called on the workforce to always exemplify discipline, efficiency, and quality, a commitment we have tried to uphold despite more than a few material difficulties, to provide the entire country a beer which has always been well received by the people.”

Yurisney Gil Monteagudo, one of the seven contingent members from Camagüey, commented that it was an honor to follow in Fidel’s footsteps across the island, saying, “We are inspired by the interaction with those who met him, and lived those glorious moments for the homeland, to be better human beings.”

The contingent’s program includes a tribute to Major General Ignacio Agramonte Loynaz in the park that bears his name, and visits to the Provincial Museum; Plaza del Carmen; the Lago de los Sueños recreation center; and the Botanical Garden, where they are camping.

Sponsored by the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution the contingent includes young men and women who have played an outstanding role in their neighborhoods, and are excited about their planned August 12 arrival to Birán, in Holguín, to celebrate Fidel’s birthday at the site where he was born.


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