Dilma: Coup will Result in Indirect Election of Usurping Government

Dilma highlighted that the evidence that emerged along the process show clearly and make unanswerable the fact that the accusations against her are just pretexts based on a fragile legal rhetoric.

The suspended head of State recalled that in recent times, the military coups had been replaced by parliamentarian coups, about which there is abundant literature, she said.

Now, the democratic break happens through moral violence and constitutional pretexts to give legal appearance to a government that is assumed without support from the polls, she stated, adding that they refer to the Constitution for the world of appearance to cover, hypocritically, the world of facts.

She reaffirmed that she did not commit any crime regarding her responsibilities. Thus, she was being accused unfairly and arbitrarily, she said.

What is at stake here is respect to the polls, people’s sovereign will and the Constitution, the social achievements in the last 13 years, sovereign insertion of the country in the international arena, Brazilians’ self-esteem and defense of the country’s natural resources and future.

The suspended president urged senators not to accept a coup that would worsen the Brazilian (political and economic) crisis instead of solving it. Vote against impeachment, vote for democracy, she concluded.


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