US Blockade to Cuba Causes Million Dollar Losses

According to Rodríguez, there is not any existing Cuban family exempt from the damages caused by the blockade, which constitutes the main hobble for the development of the country and the fluency of its international economic relations.

He underlined that Cuba does not try to hide proper internal errors, but he insisted that the impact of the blockade must not be obviated under any concept.

He added that after almost two years of the announcement by US President Barack Obama of going towards the standardization of the relations with Cuba, this hostile politics remains as a limit.

Rodríguez remembered that in several opportunities Obama recognized the ineffectiveness of this measurement for the achievement of the American targets, but he never said that it is a question of an illegal disposition, violating human, immoral and cruel rights, in addition to the condemnation by most of the countries.

Nevertheless, Rodriguez pointed out that the report – that will be presented before the maximum international organization on future October 26 – will include the steps given from the North American administration for the approach to Cuba and the standardization of the relations.

However, he stressed that, although positive and well received, they are insufficient, because the authority to lift the blockade lies with the Congress of that northern country.

In this regard, he mentioned as an example the recent restoration of direct regular flights between the two Nations, but he said that, due to the duration of the siege, the Americans could not travel as tourists to Cuba.

On October 26 this year the UN General Assembly will be discuss the project by the 25th occasion, which new edition was presented to the press this day.

The vote of the last year concluded with 191 countries in favor of Cuba and only two in against: United States and Israel.

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