Cuba will never forget

On behalf of the families of the victims, Wilfredo Pérez Rodríguez called for long awaited justice to be served. He recounted the long list of terrorist attacks perpetrated against the country since the beginning of the Revolution. 

Terrorism didn’t end with the Barbados crime, he noted, but rather the attacks continued against diplomats; bombs were places in tourist areas; Luis Posada Carriles, principle author of the crime, tortured Venezuelans, Nicaraguans; planned the planting of bombs in hotels, one of which killed the young Italian Fabio Di Celmo; and conspired to assassinate Fidel, emphasized Pérez Rodríguez. 

For her part, Sucelys Morfa González, first secretary of the Young Communist League (UJC) National Committee, described the Barbados crime as one of the most brutal attacks on the Cuban people. 

The authors of the crime and irrefutable evidence linking them to it were immediately discovered and revealed, she noted. Morfa González also recalled how Fidel, speaking in Havana’s Plaza de la Revolución, condemned the role played, since 1959, by the U.S. Central Intelligence Service (CIA) in counterrevolutionary subversion, including airplane hijackings; terrorist attacks; sabotage; and destabilization attempts against foreign governments. 

She also noted that Posada Ca­rriles walks the streets of Miami publicly expressing his lack of remorse for his crimes, which he would repeat if given the opportunity again, he has said. 

Meanwhile, Morfa González concluded by noting that “the youth will never cease to be revolutionaries,” because we are heirs to the legacy of Martí and Fidel, and demand that long awaited justice be served. 

Also participating in the act were members of the Party Political Bureau, Central Committee Secretariat, and Councils of State and Ministers, as well as leaders of the Communist Party of Cuba, government, mass organizations, the UJC, and others.


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