Cuban Health Experts to Help Poor Communities in Chicago

According to a press release from the Cuban embassy in this capital, the initiative is part of a collaboration project between the University of Illinois and the Ministry of Public Health of the Caribbean nation.
The work began yesterday, with a visit to Chicago of three Cuban health professionals. The aim is to propose actions that contribute to improve health indicators of the communities included in the project.
The visitors will stay in Chicago until January 13th, during the first stage of the collaboration, which will last about one year. This project will be focused on maternal, childcare, cancer detection, and prevention.
The host side welcomed the rapprochement between Cuba and the United States, based on the possibilities to improve the population health in both countries.
We hope to work with Cuban specialists to identify the medical practices that have worked for them, while they could learn about our methods and experiences, Dr. Robert A. Winn, Associate Vice Chancellor for Community Health Practices and Director of the University of Illinois Cancer Center said.

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