Risk of cancer prevails in adult population

Speaking to ACN, the head of Medicine Archives at the National Oncology and Radiobiology Institute highlighted that one of the reasons is the increase in the life expectancy of the population almost at 80 years of age with more possibilities of having non transmittable diseases.

Among the main risk factors is smoking causing 22 percent of the deaths from tumors and 71 percent due to lung cancer, said the specialist.

Cancer has become the number two cause of deaths in Cuba and as the rest of the international community mainly lung, breast, prostate and stomach, said Dr. Sarra who participated in the 5th National Workshop of Mouth Cancer.

She said that the rate of head and neck cancer is at 8 percent and according to the Oncology Institute is over 70 percent of the cases are reflected in the statistics of those over 60 years of age. 

The specialist added that 90 percent of patients with mouth cancer are smokers and pointed out that alcohol and cigarettes have a higher incidence on the risk of developing oral cancer.

She reiterated that cancer can be prevented and cured and that the possibilities of overcoming it are higher if diagnosed early.

Dr. Julio Cesar Santa Garay, renowned Cuban Dentist to whom this event was dedicated to highlighting that oral cancer is one of the most aggressive wound he has known but also present in others and that he insisted in prevention.

The 89 year old professor stands out for his teachings, research and promotes consciousness in his counterparts from Latin America and the world regarding prevention and early diagnosis in pre-cancerous wounds and oral cancer and has published 14 books on the issue.

He recommends that if the wound is detected early and is less than a centimeter in size it has a high chance of being treated.

The specialist warned that if the spot is white, red or has ulcerations among others are potential indicators of mouth cancer and the majority of the cases their appearance is mainly due to smoking or alcohol consumption.

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