Cuba and Slovakia Sign Memorandum of Understanding

This text will allow both institutions to increase efficiency in the work of promoting exports and investments, as well as knowledge of each of the markets, their priorities, legal bases, technological advances and forms of financing.

This document was signed by the president of the CCRC, Orlando Hernández, and the project manager of Sario, Michal Polgar (by mandate of the director general of that agency, Robert Simoncic).

The signing took place at José Díaz Mirabal Business Center, which opened its doors with this act. The center was named after the founder of the CCRC, an active participant in Cuban business, recently deceased.

This signing takes place during the one-week visit, which concludes this Thursday, of the secretary of state of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic, Lukas Parízek, who also participated in the ceremony.

Both Parízek and Hernández showed their satisfaction with the document and the common interest of closer economic and trade ties between the two nations.

Along with the secretary of state, Ivana Rapavá, cabinet chief, and Katarina Viktória Bratková, a representative of the Department of Americas of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, visited the island.

The delegation was accompanied by the Slovak ambassador to Cuba, Ladislav Straka. The visiting group was also made up of directors of projects, commerce and other spheres of different sectors.

Shortly after the signing of the memorandum, CCRC official Belkis Barnet explained to the visitors the possibilities and methods of foreign investment on the island, and other details of the trade dealings.

Director of Foreign Relations of the CCRC, Celia Labora, and other officials from Europe and Canada, foreign affairs and trade were also members of the Cuban delegation.


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