Abdala is a safe, immunogenic and effective vaccine candidate, expert asserts

In the program Mesa Redonda, Marta Ayala, general director of the institution, ratified this and recalled that the clinical study -double-blind, randomized and placebo-controlled- aimed at evaluating the first variables began on December 7, 2020 in Santiago de Cuba and for the third one was extended to the municipalities of Bayamo and Guantanamo(three provinces in eastern Cuba).

The Doctor in Biological Sciences explained that phase III of the trial imposed a challenge for the research, due to the circulation of strains from California, South Africa and United Kingdom, more contagious, in those localities of this region, and even so, the results were very favorable, since it is a subunit vaccine.

Ayala explained that 48,290 volunteers participated in the last stage, divided into two groups: vaccinated and placebos, and 14 days after the third dose of the immunogen was applied, the efficacy evaluation began, with clinical follow-up of all symptomatic COVID-19 positive cases.

In addition to the high efficacy of the medicine, third in the list of the 10 available in the world, there is a reliability interval between 85.7 and 95.8%, which evidences the safety of the technological platform used for its design, she said.

The expert pointed out that the analysis of the data for the determination of this was carried out by the Institute of Mathematics, Cybernetics and Physics, which offered greater transparency to the results.

Closer to being officially considered as anti-SARS-Cov-2 vaccine, Abdala participates in the sanitary intervention in risk groups and territories that began months ago and today 314,825 Havana residents already have their three doses of the product.

In the same program, the CIGB delivered the dossier to Cecmed for the authorization of the emergency use of the Abdala vaccine candidate.

Traduction By Gilda Gil


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