Heberprot-P in Primary Attention: Unique Achievement in Cuba

He confessed to ACN, that this is his fifth ulcer and he has always been prioritized at his health center and does not have any complaints of the nurses that treat his foot because the service is good.

Jorge Ramon is one of the thousands of people that currently receive Heberprot-P free of charge in the province of Sancti Spiritus, does not have to travel to a hospital to receive treatment with the Cuban medication only of its type in the world, and is one of the many medications in the Public Health System since 2007.

Thanks to the strategies of the Ministry of Public Health and the systematic task of the multifactorial team for the treatment of foot ulcers in the territory, almost all of the policlinics in addition to the Camilo Cienfuegos Hospital applies the medication constituting an important initiative to prevent and treat diabetic foot ulcers.

Yaliesky Chavez, one of the promoters of the program in the province, said that the health centers, like policlinic and family doctors’ offices are responsible for the Vascular Services, in addition to the team and the Biotechnology Center in the territory.

Nurse Agustin Perez, working in the Policlinic in the center of the city pointed out that despite the efforts of the team of specialists and technicians, the promotion of the product that improves the quality of life of the diabetic patient with foot ulcers, which prevents amputations, must increase.

He stressed that constant actions are carried out to evaluate the work of the initiative prioritized by the country and an analysis on the impact of Heberprot-P on the patients.

According to Dr. Rafael Ibargollin, specialist in Medical Genetics of the Biotechnology Center in Sancti Spiritus, the objective is to do an early diagnosis of the patient and added that although the medication is an expensive product, the goal is to prevent amputations.  According to statistics over 60 percent of the diabetic patients in the world receive amputations in the world, said the specialist.  

In the case of Cuban patients that use Heberprot-P –patented in over 30 countries at the moment- the risk of amputation is under 1 percent, proving the efficiency and quality of the medication.

One of the main achievements of the program is to consolidate medical attention to diabetic patients in the primary health care system.  The intention is to work in the community to detect those that suffer from diabetes and offer them a preferential service.




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