Academic sessions of Ballet Schools meeting begins in Havana

The event was inaugurated in the National Theater where the students of different levels showed their skills.
Miguel Cabrera, historian of the National Ballet of Cuba (BNC), said at the opening ceremony that the event is dedicated to the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, a man who maintained close ties with the art and development of the dancers.
The event, which will take place until the 19th, hosts representatives from Mexico, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, the United States, Peru, Italy, the Netherlands and other nations, who will exchange ideas about art education and technical development.
For 10 days, registered trainees will have the opportunity to receive classes of physical preparation, tips, repertoire, choreographic composition, and classical duo, among other subjects.
The present edition will deepen in subjects such as the qualities of the flamenco dance, the batteries in the Cuban school of ballet, and the prevention of the injuries of the foot and the ankle in students.
Optional workshops include complementary disciplines for any artistic profession such as acting, makeup, dance criticism, folklore, Pilates in the context of the world of ballet, and Spanish dance.


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