People have the Power in Cuba

The working class enjoys its rights and contrary to what happens in the European nation, the International Workers Day here becomes a holiday and not a day of struggle or protest, she said.

Seven members of the solidarity group encouraged by the date and popular mobilization that took place on Cuba decided to join the activities in the westernmost territory.

Becker added that it is exciting to see people marching together, hence the importance of their presence in the parade, and highlighted the possibility of denying the slander of some media against the Caribbean country, responsible for distorting their reality.

With the slogan “Solidarity is the tenderness that unites the peoples, “the members of Cubasí arrive annually to collaborate in the accomplishment of agricultural works.

Also aware of the situation of the Cuban proletariat, the United Kingdom Solidarity Campaign with Cuba attended the intersection of José Martí and Rafael Ferro streets in the city of Pinar del Rio to confirm the enthusiasm of more than 100,000 workers and their families.

This is a great day of workers’ unity, the basis for building a better world, Robert Miller, representative of the 12 British activists.

He added that the purpose of his visit is to continue the battle of the Cubans against the US blockade and the return of the Guantanamo naval base.

He pointed out that May 1st in London takes place amid demonstrations by trade unionists, teachers and students, in pursuit of their rights.



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