Wide repercussion in Cuba due to the death of painter Cosme Proenza

Cuba mourns the death this morning of renowned Cuban painter Cosme Proenza. The national shock for Proenza’s physical loss has been reflected in several communiqués by institutions, organizations and art figures in the country, among them, the general director of the Cuban Fund for Cultural Assets, Arturo Valdés, who wrote on his Twitter profile: ‘Cosme Proenza, artist of remarkable beauty, human and creative; Cuban Culture will always thank you for your work. Rest in peace master!’

The Ministry of Culture recognized the work of the creator, whom it cataloged as one of the most important visual artists in Cuba.

Similarly, the Hermanos Saíz Association made public its farewell to the cartoonist, engraver and muralist, considered a Teacher of Youths, while Ediciones La Luz label .

The Ediciones La Luz label, belonging to the Hermanos Saíz Association, highlighted on its official Facebook account that ‘Cuban Culture has lost one of its fundamental artists.

For its part, the Provincial Center of Plastic Arts of Holguín highlighted Proenza’s educational work to which he dedicated 15 years; as well as his professional career as illustrator for books and magazines and sets for ballet and contemporary dance.

‘The imprint of his unique work remains not only in students, colleagues and connoisseurs of art but also in simple people, who learned to admire him, respect him and feel, with pride, part of our identity’.

Cosme Proenza was born on March 5, 1948 in the town of Tacajó, Holguín municipality of Báguanos, where his ashes will be put to rest.

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