UNWTO praises Cuba´s Effort in Tourism Sustainable Development

At Playa Pesquero Hotel, home of the 37th International Tourism Fair, FitCuba 2017, the official stressed in statements to the press the commitment of the Cuban Government with the goals dictated by UNWTO for this year, declared by United Nations as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development.

According to Varela, the key pillars include the efficient use of natural resources and environmental protection.

The UNWTO representative also highlighted the growth of tourism in Cuba, a country visited by two million foreign vacationers so far this year, 39 days earlier than in the same stage of 2016, when they experienced tourism boom, with four million visitors.

Referring to the fair, he considered it as one of the best carried out in the region, and said UNWTO always attends its editions.

As part of FitCuba 2017’s activities, the official gave a lecture on current global tourism trends and priorities for this economic sector, which represents 10 percent of the world’s gross domestic product.

According to Varela, the Americas account for 16 percent of total world tourism, and a quarter of the world’s income, with more stable growth compared to other regions of the world.

Data provided by the UNWTO representative show Cuba and the Dominican Republic as leaders in the Caribbean area, where Puerto Rico, Jamaica and the Bahamas also stand out.

Devoted to Germany and to the modality of circuits, FitCuba 2017 is attended by businessmen, tour operators, travel agents and representatives of airlines and hotels from several countries interested in exploring Cuba´s new business opportunities

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