Close Ties Between Cuba and Africa Analyzed in France

According to reports from Prensa Latina News Agency, the event entitled “Cuba, an African Vocation”, gathers diplomats, specialists and researchers from several nations who reflected on the event that marked the relations between the African continent and the Cuban nation.
Inaugurating the discussions, French anthropologist Jean-Pierre Dozon praised the magnitude of the aid offered by Cuba to Africa in the last decades and today with the medical cooperation among others.
Meanwhile, diplomat Bernar Grau, who was the cultural attaché for several years at the French embassy in Cuba recalled that the island’s solidarity was expressed since the first moments of the triumph of the Revolution in 1959, a little after Commander Ernesto Che Guevara traveled to Africa to support the liberation movements.
Cuban anthropologist Pablo Rodriguez Ruiz also participated in the discussions with his experience in a sociological research of the armed conflict in particular the war in Angola.
The specialist estimated that Cuba not only supported the liberation movements but the major legacy left in Africa was to demonstrate that “yes we can”.
According to his declarations, “we in the South were used to be losers for a long time, but what we achieved at that moment was that yes we can and that has been left in the memory of many”.
On the other hand, specialist Giulia Bonacci referred in particular to the strength of relations between Cuba and Africa in the cultural, religious and family scene, constituting a fundamental piece of the current relations.
The event, considered very useful due to the good debates and exchange of experiences, was part of activities of the Latin American and Caribbean Week in France.

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