Only Survivor of the Plane Crash Continues in Critical Condition

The Director of the General Calixto Garcia University Hospital in Havana, Dr. Carlos Alberto Martinez Blanco told ACN on Tuesday that the actions taken have been effective with the use of formulas that combine improved antibiotics against specific microorganisms.
He explained that they have also used other modern medication in the treatment that have allowed to modulate the systemic inflammatory response, alleviating the effects of certain substances that cause damage to different organs and interfere in its functions.
Martinez Blanco added that her respiratory function has stabilized and they reinitiated the sequences of spontaneous respiratory period, meaning, she has periods in which she breaths on her own until her evolution can allow her to totally breathe without the machine.
According to the Doctor, the 19-year-old patient is conscious, active, cooperating with the medical treatment and is interacting with the team of professionals in charge of her assistance.
He added that her cardiovascular system is stable with the support of low doses of medications and continues with metabolic control, urine balance, electrolytes in the blood and is feeding through a digestive tube.
The multidisciplinary team is continuously evaluating the patient to adopt immediate therapeutic measures.
The Boeing 737-200 leased by Cubana Airlines from the Mexican Damojh company crashed minutes after takeoff from the Jose Marti International Airport last month. The causes of the crash is under investigation by Cuban authorities with the support of experts from the United States and Mexico.

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