Contemporary ballet of Camagüey with new proposals for the summer

The piece, of the choreographer Pedro Ruiz, artistic director of the company, bets for a slope much more contemporary than the created ones by him previously, where the movement of arms and legs acquires major leading role.

I was inspired very much by the culture of Sardinia, by Italy, I besiege where I danced several years and that marked a rule in my chore like artist and choreographer, even more for being of Spain my artistic couple, and the mixture that we achieve in our spectacles was a constant feedback, she told.

Ruiz declared the Cuban Agency of News that also will present to itself the work Club Havana, of his responsibility, of which the BCC already took to scene a fragment during the Pilgrimages of May in Holguín, and that now will be offered in a complete way.

Club Havana is one of my most dear creations since it reflects my effort in making something different by means of the use of the most indigenous Cuban music; it is for it that I used several of the topics of Good Social Sight Club, expressed Pedro Ruiz.

This piece will dance with live music interpreted by the Camagüey´s group Musicora, which also will act along with the dance group from August 24 until August 26 in the theater Mella, in the capital of the country.

The program will complete the choreography A place in the time, which is part of the repertoire that the BCC will take to several municipalities of Camagüey during July and August like part of the cultural summer programming in the province


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