Two weeks after fire, cancer hospital in Havana fully recovered

During a tour of the affected areas of the facility on this Tuesday, the Cuban News Agency noted the repair and commissioning work that allows this prestigious center to provide better living conditions to in-patients.

Dr. Luis Curbelo Alfonso, director of the Oncology Department, stated that from the beginning of the recovery work, it was thought of those days as an opportunity to overcome the conditions existing before the fire.

Freshly painted beds, walls, lockers and night tables can be seen in the rooms and in each cubicle; all affected windows were also replaced and new air conditioners and fans were installed.

Dunia Sandoval Ballester, an in-patient, said that during the fire the mobilization was quick and timely, and said that in the hospitals where they were received, they were carefully looked after and treated.

Other patients indicated that upon returning to INOR they noticed many changes for the better, mainly in terms of physical infrastructure and equipment.

Curbelo Alfonso pointed out that this would ensure greater functionality of the facilities and offer more comfort and facilities to the patients admitted.

In general, the flames reached the walls of drugstore premises, clinical laboratories, ambulatory chemotherapy and the blood bank area, as well as some rooms, but the damage was mainly concentrated in the walls, he said.

Only one medical device was damaged, the cobas c 311, an automated clinical chemistry analyzer that can check up to 4,000 samples daily and is now operational, he said.

The director of the hospital said that the prompt recovery is due to the participation and support of institutions, business groups and construction workers, including more than 600 doctors who took part in the work.

On the afternoon of 17 July, the incident took place in the hospital, which ended without loss of human life, due to the effective response of the workers and the intervention of the authorities in charge of extinguishing the flames and organizing the evacuation.

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