Chucho Valdes and Patricia Sosa to give Concert in Havana

In addition to the tracks that make up the phonogram, written by prominent composers such as Pablo Milanes, Jose Feliciano and by Sosa and Valdes themselves, they will also perform other songs of their respective careers.

The group that will accompany them in this unique concert includes musicians from both countries and will also feature the famous Cuban singer Omara Portuondo.

At a press release, the first Argentine woman to lead a rock band and Valdes talked about the origin of this collaboration, which will also be presented in a tour they will make through Argentina.

During the meeting it was also reported that the documentary ¨Chucho Valdes … el niño que lleva dentro¨ (Chucho Valdes… the child inside him), will be premiered tomorrow at 8:30 pm at Havana´s Charles Chaplin cinema, charge-free.

On the short-film, its director, Angel Alderete, said it tells the life story of the renowned Cuban pianist through his own words, in addition to testimonies and assessments about him from prominent Cuban musicians such as Leo Brouwer and Silvio Rodriguez.

Winner of six Grammy awards and three Latin Grammys, Chucho Valdes is considered the most influential figure in the modern history of Afro-Cuban jazz.

Patricia Sosa, meanwhile, has excelled in the music of her country in various genres such as pop, ballad, folklore and especially rock, and has collaborated with famous artists such as Spaniards Placido Domingo and Joan Manuel Serrat, Brazilian Caetano Veloso and Puerto Rican Ricky Martin.

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