Modern Equipment to be installed in Renewal Project of Santiago de Cuba Dock

Upon receiving the equipment, Walter Niuvo, investor on the Cuban side, said that they already concluded the dredging works of the bay up to 13.60 meters deep, thus benefiting the draft for the access channel, maneuvering basin and berth places.

These equipment offer high performance, reliability, accuracy, low operating cost and energy consumption.
This terminal will provide the Santiago de Cuba bay with a modern installation for ships up to 40.000 thousand tons with state-of-the-art technological equipment.
The project also includes the construction of the dock, warehouses, perimeter fences, coastal protections and towers for the lighting system, all under seismic-resistant technical standards.
The renewal of the port is accompanied by changes in the infrastructure of rail and road communication linking the east of the Caribbean island and facilities associated to tourism.

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