Cuban and US Experts Exchange on the Alleged Sonic Incidents

The Cuban experts were welcomed by their US counterparts at the US Congress and the US National Academy of Sciences where they proposed a dispassionate exam of the health reports on the US diplomats.

The delegation was also received by US politicians like Republican Senator Bob Corker, President of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and Republican Representative Rick Crawford, member of the Working Group on Cuba at the House of Representatives.
After almost two years of the investigation on the health incidents reported by the US diplomats at its embassy in Havana, no one has been able to determine the causes or responsibility, but this has not impeded the Trump administration in taking measures aimed at deteriorating relations between both countries.
The US embassy, with the reduction of its personnel in Cuba, maintains its consular services very limited and the State Department has da travel warning that recommends precaution to its citizens that want to visit the Caribbean island and recently changing it to level two.
The Cuban government has cooperated with its US counterpart in facilitating access to specialized agencies to carry out investigations on ground, although this cooperation was not reattributed, said recently the General Director of the US Division of the Cuban Foreign Ministry, Carlos Fernandez de Cossio.
However, the results of the investigations of the Cuban Experts Committee did not find scientific proof to assure that sonic attacks was carried out against US diplomats in Cuba which has been endorsed by renowned authorities accredited in other institutions and countries.

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