Evo Morales Arrives in Holland to Address Silala Counterclaim

A few minutes ago the president arrived in that Dutch city after two-day stay in Russia, where he sealed important investment agreements in the hydrocarbons sector.

After that meeting, the Bolivian head of state will travel to China to talk with President Xi Jinping, during a stay in Beijing on June 19 and 20.

Chile sued Bolivia in 2016 before the ICJ because it considers that the waters of the Silala, located in the Andean region of Potosí (southwest), come from an international river and not from a spring as stated by La Paz.

The plaintiff presented his report in July, last year and Bolivia prepares its counter-memory, which must be argued before the ICJ, until September 3.

La Paz affirms that the Silala is a hydric reserve of groundwater artificially channeled into Chilean territory as a result of an agreement signed in 1908, which has already expired.

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