Cuba and China to expand their economic ties

As reported by the Cuban diplomat on Facebook, the occasion was favorable to review the current state of bilateral ties, ongoing projects and prospects for cooperation between the Asian company and the Cuban industry.

Liaoning MEC Group CO. Ltd. is a leading provider in the sector of processing equipment, including the manufacture and conversion of toilet paper and available toiletries, with products of a wide variety, which has had commercial relations with the Chamber of Commerce of Cuba for 30 years.
Commercial relations between both countries continue in the search for new areas of collaboration after six decades of diplomatic relations, period in which China has become Cuba´s leading partner in Asia and the second in the world, preceded only by Venezuela.
As part of this bilateral exchange, Pereira attended the International Seminar “2020 Belt and Road Collaboration and Future”, organized by the China World Peace Foundation, where he emphasized the need to achieve a common global response on the bases of solidarity to defeat COVID-19 and also in pursuit of “rebuilding our society in a post-pandemic scenario”.

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