33 years of a pure Santa Clara’s sound

Yes, you tell me that and more, in your 33 years. You are still the smiling friend who wakes up every morning saying hello to Santa Clara, but you are also friends with all the people of Villa Clara, who place the dial on the exact tuning and frequency: 93.5 FM.

From you I remember many names that made this path possible. Jorge Gómez, founder and director for many years; Eloy Montenegro, first-rate multifaceted filmmaker; Agnelices Álvarez, another of the directors; Gisela María, that voice that I hear when they evoke you; Reidel Aguilar, who embodies an already unmistakable rhythm every afternoon; Roberto Reyes, a man of long light and vision beyond the stars; Ramírez Cal, Carlos Fontanills, Pedro Manuel Peña, Yelena Pérez, Grisel Santos, Dayán Arza, Francisbel García, Sadie Thompson, Maridalys Leiva … I wish I could list all those faceless names, who daily transfer their positive energy to an unknown audience, or such Once known, it is the most central province of Cuba.

Only 33 years old, and you tell me commitment to your people. Like the times that you have been recognized and acclaimed, or the times that you have been placed in the preference among several stations. And no, it has not been easy to reach maturity in these 33 years. Above all, because there are still a lot of resources to be completely beautiful, and to make your sound even more limpid. I regret, perhaps, any municipal radio station.

And there are not enough people who are willing to carry your name up. There is a lack of independence, and even a dramatic group, made up of your own people, who are both announcers, screenwriters, editors, musicians, consultants and directors.

On the street, Beats of my city, Stories of my city, All mixed, Proposition 93.5, With good intentions, Often, At the moment, Of free access, Generations, One hundred percent Cuban, With the soul of a child, Before closing your eyes … are just examples of habitual spaces that keep the audience of the Villa Clara capital attentive, and that in these days of COVID-19 we have not been able to tune in, but soon they will return, with more wishes than ever, from the hand of the director Juan Martín Fernández Andoba, who by the way, has been closely linked, since his youth, to the radio.

I confess that I am passionate about observing, in the cabin, a single person who faces all the responsibilities of performing radio. There he owns the console, the microphone, the ideas, and he is not alone, because he has you, the queen of stereo sound. That is the magic of the station in Santa Clara: the ability of its word professionals to organize programming in the manner of DJs. They themselves have proven their worth by simultaneously carrying out different types of radio activities.

You are just 33 years old this June 29. I am sorry that you are not a veteran, but even so, I admire you in your short time of life. You’re the light. You are the movement. You have been, and will continue to be, for many more years, the sound that identifies Santa Clara. Congratulations, StereoCenter!

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