Vultures on the run!

Previously, he had also visited Paraguay under the pretext of meeting with President Horacio Cartés.  Now, the reason for his trip to Europe is unknown, but it generated discomfort even among his own followers, who have harshly criticized this decision.

After what has been described as terrible management, Macri left an eternally indebted country with 40 percent of the population impoverished, millions of unemployed people, and all public services on the verge of collapse.

These are the main reasons why the COVID-19 pandemic has shown no mercy for Argentineans, who witness how the main person responsible for their misfortunes goes on a luxury tour around the world.  The hotel where Macri will spend the mandatory quarantine is one of the most exclusive and expensive in Paris.

Guillermo Justo Chaves, chief of staff of the Argentinean Foreign Ministry, stated that at the time of his departure from Buenos Aires, Macri had no legal impediment to leave the country.  But while it doesn’t imply a legal problem, it carries ethical issues and a personal responsibility.

Journalist Stella Calloni indicated that in a few days the investigation for the case of illegal espionage against opponents, judges, journalists and even religious authorities will start with  substantial evidence against the former president.

They will also open investigations for a multi-million dollar scam by the highway tolls system, a corrupt business operated by Macri’s family while he was in the presidency.  He is also involved in a postal system robbery, where he had to pay millions for a concession to a family business and to avoid doing so, managed to illegally force judges and magistrates to close the case.

Recently, some documents come to light about large loans to Macri’s friends who practically decapitalized the National Bank.  These are crimes for which numerous officials, collaborators and friends of Macri are already in prison.

France, by the way, has banned Argentinian citizens from entering its territory, due to the serious health situation in that nation, but the cunning vulture had already acquired Italian nationality, which allowed him to evade this regulation. 

We now see how easily vultures run from justice


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