Radio Aggression: A perverse weapon (Part 3)

Now, I would like to refer to evasion, a strategy commonly used in preventing people from fully understanding what is actually taking place around them, and why it is so. This method has resulted very usefully to the point of allowing void silly, and even stupid information pervade the minds of large subjugated masses that react as passive and longing receptors.

This evil practice of evasion is found in TV programs (and includes chaos, sex, and human degradation); in luxury magazines (some of which are only dedicated to this kind of trash); and obviously the radio system where everything is valid also uses it. No wonder it is frequently said that a  few examples denote as much or more than many words do. Therefore, allow me to refer to some of them: “ such actor suffers from hepatitis and AIDS”; “the horoscope”; A survey to know what will happen when Luis Miguel returns to music from his scandals”. And now the main dish: “ a certain witch assures that he is capable of making invocations to attract, preserve, manipulate, and cast spells; to bring loyalty between lovers; to remove sorcery and curses.

One could ask oneself, and totally entitled to do so, why are millions spent in so much garbage and deceit, and not in attenuating hunger?; why resources are not dedicated to lessening illiteracy, which is an embarrassing scourge for humanity, and that is still present in many nations?; what are the reasons for so many wars, coups d’ état, bombing on nations, thefts of vital resources, environment problems and the infinite adversities that humanity is suffering today?  And, despite all this, for example, the United States invests millions of dollars in keeping Radio Martí station on the air, though it is not heard in Cuba. This shows how far they can go just to nurture their hopes of reversing the political, economic, and social order we Cubans have chosen by legitimate right.

Evidently, there is no room for doubt that the purpose to which broadcasting stations such as Radio Marti or any other of that bad sort shamelessly contribute is to undermine the bases of the Cuban socialist society, and consequently, the government and people that are building it, by offering the alleged audience skewed formulas on Cuban reality. Who are the active broadcasters that use the microphone to belch out hatred, more hatred and more hatred? Among many allow me to mention the Rafael and Mario Díaz-Balart brothers, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, Ileana Ros, and others of the same patio who call themselves independent journalists and enjoy the pleasure of causing suffering to their own people.

Let’s continue struggling in all possible trenches, today it is a duty and tomorrow our final victory.


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