Radio Aggression: A perverse weapon (Part 1)

And therefore, it is my intention to expose the nature of such poisonous weapon, one that perfectly classifies as another pandemic, although only attacking whoever struggles for a world of greater justice. It is my duty here to assure that the use of radio stations in causing damage to Cuba has its origins since the very beginning of the Revolution … and even before when the rebels of the Sierra Maestra were called outlaws and criminals that went about murdering peasants.

I wish to mention here Radio Swan, Radio Marti´s predecessor, one that actuality constitutes a true shame for international radio broadcasting, founded in the United States (where else could it be?).   And I would like to do so through one sole example, because all by itself speaks out loud and clearly showing the shameful actions elevated to their maximum expression: Playa Girón (Bay of Pigs), the alleged scenario of an invasion that was defeated along with its sadly célèbre Brigade 2506. It was April 1961 and amidst the combat, Radio Swan reported: “the invaders have constantly pushed forward in all the fronts; Cubans are joining  the invaders and Castro’s forces are surrendering by the hundreds.” It not only resulted in embarrassing and even ridiculous, considering that just a few hours later the first defeat of imperialism in Latin America was a reality.

But the fact is much more than embarrassing and ridiculous. There are many other elements proving the radio station’s absolute lack of professionalism, inasmuch as their venom was being broadcast without the least of credibility, an element most indispensable in the media, in other words, if at least they used more efficient methods capable of avoiding their disrespect for others. This evil radio freak came into being on May 17th, 1960, with the venue in Swan Island; originally it operated as a clandestine station, but soon after it became a commercial broadcasting station, and it even got to recruit Cuban broadcasters.

Obviously, there is nothing new in my learning except the possibility to affirm that the station constituted an invitation to treason, transmitting orders given out by undercover agents in Cuba. It turned into communication means for the CIA to make contact with the counterrevolutionary bands that were ravaging the Escambray mountain area. It provided tactical support to the Playa Girón invading forces, and in summary, it promoted a totally skewed state of mind over the events taking place. That was Radio Swan, a mere objective of evilness, lies, distortion, and grotesque insult.



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