Cuban Ambassador to Suriname confirms work of Cuban doctors against COVID-19

During the meeting, Azcuy exchanged with Francisco Sanchez, head of the Cuban Medical Brigade, about the intense work they are carrying out in that place with the premise of saving human lives, said a note published on the official website of the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He also learned about the personal security measures they take dayly and the coordination work with Surinamese authorities for the medical care of the people of that nation.

He knew that as of August 31, a team of six other Cuban doctors from the brigade that is in Suriname will support the medical assistance of the field hospital created on the outskirts of this center to guarantee greater coverage of care.

Suriname registers almost four thousand positive cases of COVID-19 to date, with more than 800 of them active, and a population of approximately 600,000 inhabitants, which makes a high figure of infection.

In 1979 both countries reestablished diplomatic relations, and since then they have maintained ties of friendship and cooperation that are translated into the benefit of mutual economic, social and political development.


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