Spanish minister calls for an end to the blockade against Cuba

In declarations to Radio Nacional de España (RNE), Belarra recalled that the Spanish government has defended before the United Nations, together with 183 other countries, its rejection of the blockade against Cuba.

The current leader of the Podemos party stressed that Cubans have been suffering for 60 years from an economic blockade that has caused an ‘absolutely exceptional’ political and humanitarian situation.

She insisted that lifting the blockade is the best way to help Cubans live better.

In another part of the interview with RNE, the 33-year-old minister clarified that her words do not correspond to an agreement between PSOE (Socialists) and the United-Podemos group.

“It is a position that the Spanish Parliament took forward with a very large majority, in line with Spain’s position in the UN General Assembly, where it has defended the lifting of the blockade and embargo suffered by Cuba, which brings unsustainable humanitarian consequences,” she pointed out.

Asked if Cuba is a dictatorship or not, Belarra argued that ‘we would be wrong if we were engaged in a debate that does not contribute to the people living in Cuba live better’.

‘Whoever wants to make national politics out of this issue, fine, but I’m not going to do it. I think it is an absolutely vacuous debate. It is beyond any doubt that the situation Cuba is living is absolutely exceptional’, she said.

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