United States creates new mercenary militia in northeast Syria

The headquarters of the new formation is located, according to images released by local media, in the town of Hamoko in the Yaroubieh municipality in the northeastern province of Hasakeh, near the border with Iraq.

Sources quoted by the Al-Watan newspaper indicated that Abdul Ilah Jarba of the Shumar tribe, was appointed by the US military as responsible for this new militia.

Washington intends in such a step to reduce tribal indignation towards its presence, while the name of the group and the high salaries paid prompted young people to join it, taking into account the difficult economic situation that the residents are going through because of Washington that steals the wheat and crude oil, and imposes a suffocating blockade on the country, the sources denounced.

The creation of the Tribal Army generated fears from the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces (FDS), a Kurdish majority, and supported by the United States, which see the new armed body as a competing force.

There is fear of desertions from the FDS, particularly of its Arab members to join the other militia, they highlighted.

Press reports had revealed that North American officials visited various locations and interviewed clan and tribal dignitaries to summon young people to join the new formation.

Analysts described the measure as an attempt to demographically divide the region, since the North American instructors promised that the component of the Army of Clans would be purely Arab, unlike the so-called Kurdish-majority SDF, which finances, arms and trains the Pentagon since 2012.

The United States maintains at least a dozen military bases in the northeastern Syrian region of al-Jazeera and one in the Tanef area on the border with Iraq and Jordan.

The Government of Damascus denounced that this presence is illegal and violates international laws, and also destabilizes the situation in the country by sponsoring terrorist and separatist groups that attack government troops and their allies

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