Cuba’s President evaluates the high incidence of Covid-19 in pregnant women

The head of State recalled that in 2020 no pregnant women on the island died from the pandemic.

‘Cuba from science has been able, in an innovative and altruistic way, to respond to the challenges of the COVID-19, in the harsh conditions imposed by the U.S.Blockade’, he wrote in another tweet.

In a meeting with the country’s top leadership, Noemí Causa, head of the Maternal and Child Care Program of the Ministry of Public Health, reported on measures to protect pregnant and postpartum women and care for at-risk pregnant women.

It was also informed that scientists continue to study the incidence of the Delta strain and the increase of patients and deaths caused by Covid-19.

According to health authorities, the Caribbean nation will maintain a high incidence of this disease in the coming weeks, above 7,500 cases, until reaching a more favorable situation in mid-September.

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