Cuban doctors in Haiti attending to earthquake victims

Some are still sleeping in tents, like the more than 130,000 families who lost everything on August 14 in the second most devastating earthquake after 2010.

Their residences were compromised, but they wake up every day with the purpose of saving as many lives as possible, to encourage those whose relatives or the few belongings they were able to gather throughout a hard life of much sacrifice, disappeared in a few seconds.

‘In Port Salut many Cuban doctors are working very hard to help the people,’ the former deputy Bernard Sinal, one of the thousands of Haitian doctors graduated in Cuba told Prensa Latina.

Port Salut is located at about 180 kilometers southwest of Port-au-Prince. There they equipped a hospital to treat the injured, perform emergency surgeries and perform cesarean sections, in the midst of the constant aftershocks that are still shaking the southern part of the country.

Similar stories are repeated in L’Asile, Anse a Veau or Aquin, towns with a few tens of thousands of inhabitants and with reduced access to medical care.

Doctors, nurses and other specialists from Cuba did not arrive with the earthquake.

They were already here since 1998, and together with Haiti they lived through hurricanes, the biggest earthquake in its history, epidemics, pandemics and political crises.

The Cuban brigade has 253 collaborators deployed in the country who will remain there as long as the people need them, they assured.

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