Diaz Canel B. Congratulates all women and Cuban radio on its 99th anniversary

The Cuban president recalled Fidel and his legacy in relation to the role of women in the Revolution. Fidel expressed that it was “a Revolution within the Revolution.” And in these days we have been able to appreciate that when sharing meetings with different sectors of Cuban society where we see that women make up most of the  attendees, women sharing their  great concerns, presenting many proposals and eager to contribute. 

Alluding to a comment on the letter he sent to the members of Uneac, which the day before had celebrated its 60th anniversary, and in which ceremony the campaign for the Centennial of Radio Cubana was presented, the President of Cuba said: 

“With the artistic movement we have been making evaluations, doing analysis, supporting culture, and above all remembering the substantial  moment known as the” Words of Fidel to the Intellectuals “, at the very birth of the organization. During these days we have had meetings with some of them, and I think there is also a reference to the participation of our artists and our creators in the revolutionary process “. 

As to the role of women in the hard times our Homeland is living, the Cuban president expressed: “To all women, my congratulations, embrace, and especially my affection, which is an expression of respect and admiration, for the role of Cuban women. However, I believe that in these times, women in the health sector and also our scientists have thrived enormously in times of deprivation, in times of aggression, in times when an entire campaign against Cuba is mounted in the midst of a pandemic as severe as we have had, and women have been at the forefront, in all tasks, to confront the pandemic, and of course women scientists supporting all those other women in the health sector, with the creation of vaccines. 

The Cuban Head of State reaffirmed the enormous efforts that women and all of Cuba are making in relation to health interventions, on which he emphasized that if before, we used to talk about five vaccine candidates, later we referred to 1 vaccine and 4 vaccine candidates, and today we count on  three vaccines and two vaccine candidates.  We will continue to advance and achieve levels of immunity in our population and we will undoubtedly defeat the pandemic.




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