Adalberto  Álvarez: the Gentleman of  Cuba

José Reyes Fortín, researcher at the National Museum of Music, affirmed that Adalberto  Álvarez’s work has always earned a place in the emotional core of Cuban families.

Author of important studies on Cuban record industry, José  Reyes Fortín highlighted the countless versions of compositions by Adalberto  Álvarez that have been made by renowned figures of the Latin American and Caribbean sound universe.

The  2008 National Music Prize was the author of classics of the Cuban pentagram that journeyed around the world more than once, like Lluvia, recorded by Son 14, a tune also known in the voice of Gilberto Santa Rosa with the Willie Rosario orchestra, and El Son de Adalberto, from the repertoire of the Rumbavana band, a famous song interpreted by the Devil of Salsa, Oscar D´ León.

Musicologist Jose Reyes Fortín underscored the work of Adalberto  Alvarez as founder of two successful bands: Son 14 in Santiago de Cuba, in November 1978, and the orchestra bearing his name that was created in Havana in February 1984.

Adalberto  Álvarez was born in Havana on the Day of Saint Cecilia, the Patron Saint of Musicians, on November 22, 1948, and died in the Cuban capital in the early hours of this September first, due to complications from COVID-19.

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