Cuba receives a new shipment of medical supplies from China

According to Cuba’s Ambassador in China Carlos Miguel Pereira, a plane arrived in Havana a few hours ago with 24 tons and more than one million products such as gloves, surgical masks, X-ray film, piperacillin medication, and protective glasses and screens.

This shipment is the fourth batch of aid that Beijing has sent to the Caribbean nation in less than three months, after 30 lung ventilators sent by late July, plus 150 oxygen concentrators and other supplies donated in August.

Its Embassy in Havana assured that this cargo ratifies ‘China’s commitment to the construction of a human health community and its firm support to Cuba in its fight against the epidemic.’

Cuban authorities consider all these actions a reflection of the firm will by the Chinese leaders and population to show their solidarity with the island just when it is going through a complex situation.

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